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Once we have the first draft of the concept, It’s time to find that “WOW effect” that will take the concept to the next level.


Now, It's time for our concept to evolve, to strengthen its connection to our story while searching for the “WOW effect” that will catch our user’s attention.


About “WOW effect”

In one word the WOW effect is MAGIC, it’s anything that will take our story to the next level and excite our users. It should align with our concept and story. For example, if we want our story to convey humor our WOW factor should make our users laugh. ​


We use design, interaction, motion, and sound to create the appropriate WOW effect.


Finding the appropriate WOW effect can be hard. One tip I can share with you that helps me find the right WOW effect is to explore the story through different points of interest, different styles, design languages, and interactions. We tailor the story and try out different concepts until we find a perfect match! ​


We start by exploring the most relevant fields relating to our story and slowly start expanding into other fields. We search for that extra something that goes beyond pure functionality - a unique, fun and cool experience that correlates to the story's concept. ​


The idea is to rethink the common practice. For example, is vertical scrolling is the best way to tell the story? How can the user interact and be part of his experience? How and where can we add gamification elements? How can we express the product’s unique personality? How do we express that personality through UX writing? Can we enhance the experience using animation and sound effects?


We ask questions regarding the website’s behavior, value, structure, and meaning.


Below you can find some examples of websites that WOW us. 

WOW Effect Examples 


Shoes Company

Learn more about how Allbirds approaches conscious commerce to make better shoes in a better way.




UI/UX Agency, Japan 

PRMO loves web, music, photography, and roughly fun things.




Brilliant Solutions, Italy

For over 60 years Oropress has been offering a large range of foils and films in all sectors.



Visual Design inspirations


Connect with designers

Dribbble is where designers gain inspiration, feedback, find community, and connect with designers worldwide.




Find design inspiration

Search by color, keyword, or even just style. With Muzli search web-wide for design inspiration.




Inspiring Gifs 

A collection of inspiring short videos and GIFs / Booounce!



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